Wednesday, September 19

Carmen Valentina & Bella Ink Fuck Their Pussies!

My sexy girlfriend Bella Ink came over and we decided to have some fun on cam. Want to join in on the fun? We loved getting naughty for everyone that tuned in and we made sure both of us took turns making each other cum!

Tuesday, July 17

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Carmen Valentina thinks she can beat me in fortnite! She got another thing coming, half way through the game she realizes your boy is a building pro and starts to cheat! Carmen distracts me with her sweet pussy and I end up losing! I ain't gonna take the L like that and give her my winning head shot fucking her tight pussy!

Sunday, May 27

StrapOn Sex With Carmen Valentina Gia & Angelina!

You know you are going to get some serious sexiness when you get Gia Love, Angelina Castro and me together on one bed! Me and Gia take turns sucking on Angelina's big, thick strap on cock before we jump on it and ride it while it stretches out our tight, wet pussies. Angelina always makes sure we are both satisfied. Care to join us in bed?

Tuesday, March 20

Makayla Cox & Carmen Valentina Deepthroat Sirens

Ok guys... we listened... and improved! We introduce 2-Fer DEEPTHROATSIRENS featuring our regular visiting throat-whore Makayla Cox and recent new Fav Carmen Valentina! Are you not entertained! I know sure as fuck I was! These two never met but goddamn if they didn't take to being twinsees on my cock! And the double swallow... magic! Let me hear it!

Monday, January 22

Carmen Valentina Interracial Blowbang

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Sunday, November 19